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Thursday, December 3, 2009


These highly scented candles are just absolutely awesome!
Candleberry candles are made in Kentucky and are so w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l !!!!
They have quickly become a big favorite in our shop!

What a nice gift they would make for someone this Christmas.....
Even a gift to treat yourself with!
Once you try one you will be stuck on them!
Candleberry Candles contain led-free wicks.

The 26 oz. size jar is $22.99.
The 10 oz. size jar is $12.99.
There are also tart melts for $6.99
Plus shipping and handling.
Please contact backwoods.primitives@gmail.com for more information or to order.

So many scents available:
Here are just a few to choose from.....

Friendship Tea is a wonderful orange citrus scent with a touch of spice....
It smells just like the name implies....most people smile when they take a whiff of this and say it smells nice and "clean" smelling......

Wild Blackberries.......This scent is divine!
Most customers that lean towards a "fruit" scent really love this one!
It's terrific!

Oh my!!! Honey Buttered Rolls!!!
This one is so true to it's name plus more!
Smells like fresh baked rolls with a sweet buttery aroma.....you detect a hint of cinnamon too!

Hot Maple Toddy.....Yummy!....Where's the spoon?.......Can I eat it?......MMMMM!
Are just some of the reactions to this #1 selling scent!
Soooooo good!
Other scents we carry in the Candleberry Candle Line are:

Apple Brown Betty * Cinnamon Broomstick * Praline Dreams * Red Velvet Cupcake*

Vanilla Crumb Cake* Kentucky Bourbon* Candleberry Christmas* Santa's Cookies *

Spiced Punkin Pie* Country Christmas * Bourbon Roasted Pecans*



Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flip Top Table/Bench (item 10) & Cannery Cabinet # 2 *SOLD August 17th*

This is a flip-top table that converts to a bench/seat......
Note: This particular table has been *SOLD*.
We can build another though!
Please direct any inquiries to backwoods.primitives@gmail.com
Thanks for looking!

*SOLD* (below)
This beautiful cannery cabinet has gone to it's new home in Ohio....
I'm always so excited to see a piece once it's finished!!!
I am super pleased with how this turned out!
Just because this particular one is *SOLD*.....doesn't mean we can't build another!
Please direct all your questions and inquiries to backwoods.primitives@gmail.com

Look!!! The lid even lifts for a storage area!!
The storage area goes to right above where the bottom doors open....we love to make things that are useful!!!
Thanks for stopping in for a look!
Please do come back again!!! Won't you?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dough Box (item 9)

We just recently completed (last week) this dough box for a customer.....
She wanted it to set on the front porch of their lovely log home in between two wicker and wrought iron chairs.....
We added the whitewashed star per her request and I think it turned out lovely with the old green color she chose!
She was very pleased with the finished look and even called us when she got it home to let me know it looked great on her front porch and it was exactly what she wanted!
That was such a blessing for us to know!
If you are interested in this piece or others seen here....please e-mail us at: backwoods.primitives@gmail.com
I will do my best to answer your questions as soon as I can....it's been difficult to find shipping methods for some of the odd sized items but I'm still working on them....please don't think I've given up on you...I'm still trying to figure out the best and safest way to ship things...
Thank you for your patience!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bee Skeps!!!! * OUT OF STOCK *

Bee Skeps!
Just what your prim garden or porch needs!!
These are woven out of sea-grass and have been given the "prim" touch with exterior paint and antiquing wash over them to make them look prim-tastic!
It is recommended to move them inside a garage or wherever during the harsher winter months...I have had one sitting out in the open for over two years and it's still in fine shape.....
Even forgot to bring it in this past winter.....oops!

The largest one is app. 25" high x 14 1/2 to 15 " wide (across the bottom) It's $62.00 ea.

The next size down is app. 15-16" high x 14 " wide (across the bottom)
It's $52.00 ea.

Prices do not include shipping chgs.....Insurance is Extra
If you are interested in purchasing one please contact us at backwoods.primitives@gmail.com
I have VERY limited supplies of these.....basically, what you are seeing is all I have with the exception of one or two of the shorter size.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Small Trunk (item 8)

We Proudly Carry "1803" Candles!!!

We are so thrilled to carry these candles in our shop!!!
These candles are made in the USA with soy wax.
They all smell so wonderful no matter which scent you choose for your home!!
The packaging is so "prim-tastic"!!!

Currently in stock:
Wood Stove Pie
The Weathered Crow
Village Mercantile
Home Sweet Home
Mom's Kitchen

Price: $18.99 each

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wall Cabinet w/screen door (item 4)

These are all the same size cabinet.....
It has wire mesh screen in the door (not vinyl) and the drawer is functional....
You choose the color and which side you want the door hinged on....

This wall/floor cabinet measures 33" tall x 21" wide x 10" deep (at the top & bottom the widest & deepest points)
The cabinet part itself is:(18" wide x 8" deep)
Price is:$100.00 (this does not include applicable shipping or delivery charge)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


The largest one is app. 25" high x 14 1/2 to 15 " wide (across the bottom) It's $62.00 ea. The next size down(size shown here) is app. 15-16" high x 14 " wide (across the bottom)
It's $52.00 ea. Prices do not include shipping chgs.....Insurance is Extra
If you are interested in purchasing one please contact us at backwoods.primitives@gmail.com
I have VERY limited supplies of these.....

Thank you.

Two Door Sideboard (item 2), Bucket Bench (item 3) & Farmhouse Hutch(item 4)

Two Door Sideboard (in black)

Bucket Bench ( in old gray)

Farmhouse Hutch (in red) Bench Set ( 3 pc.)

Blanket Chest (Item 1)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome To Our Selling Blog!

Hi Friends!
Welcome to our new selling Blog!!!
We have so many prim furniture pieces and goods to show you!
Each furniture piece and most of the "goods" will be available for purchase!
Some of these pictures have been pulled from my "archives" and we may not have every one of the smaller items any longer......
Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the items you'll see here!
You may e-mail us at: backwoods.primitives@gmail.com
We will reply to your e-mail as soon as we can!
Thank you for your interest!